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Welcome to Voyage

About us

Super-charging communities with autonomous vehicles.

About us

Voyage’s mission is to super-charge communities with autonomous vehicles. Our fleets power essential, everyday services designed to enhance each resident’s quality of life. At Voyage, we strive to become a trusted member of every community we serve.

Our mission

Self-driving cars are a means to an end. We’ll always aim to provide the best and most reliable self-driving cars in the world, but that will only help us achieve our true mission: free transportation.

Free transportation is a fundamentally game-changing idea that democratizes access to safe and reliable point-to-point transportation. People can live where they want, they can work where they want, and enjoy life how they want. If we can unlock free transportation, we are truly doing something good and different for the world.


Preventable automotive deaths per year world-wide.


Average cost of owning a vehicle per year.


Number of deployed Voyage autonomous vehicles.

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