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The Villages

The Villages is massive. Spread over 750 miles of road and 40 square miles of land in Central Florida, the U.S. Census ranked The Villages as the fastest-growing U.S. city for a second year in a row in 2014. Its population is larger than 31 of the 67 counties in Florida.

We’re bringing a door-to-door self-driving taxi service to the 750 miles of road at The Villages. When fully operational, all 125,000 residents will have the ability to summon a self-driving car to their doorstep using the Voyage mobile app, then travel anywhere within the bounds of the community fully autonomously.


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The Villages, Florida
The Villages, Florida

“Villagers love their lifestyle and driverless technology offers a promising new option for staying mobile and active in a safe, affordable way.”

Kelsea Morse Manly - Director of Operations -  the Villages

Kelsea Morse Manly

Director of Operations, The Villages FL

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Voyage brings communities together with self-driving cars. We deliver a product that enables community members to summon an autonomous vehicle and move effortlessly from A to B. This new kind of low-cost transportation has huge potential, and we're seeking early adopters who want to partner with us to bring this technology to the world, today.

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