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The Villages
San Jose

The Villages, San Jose is an active community made up of over 4,000 residents, 15 miles of winding open road, and countless unique transportation needs. As our first partner, The Villages, San Jose has helped shape our technology, and we’re honored to be part of the community.


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Bev Clifford, a first rider of Voyage

Meet Bev

Best of all, by deploying in communities like The Villages, we also get to solve real problems for over 4,000 people, like Beverly Clifford. Bev was Voyage’s very first passenger, and we have been incredibly lucky to hear her inspiring story. As a blind resident of The Villages, Bev encounters daily friction with transportation.

To get around, Bev relies heavily on her husband and their car, so if her husband isn’t free, neither is Bev. With Voyage’s Voiceover-enabled iPhone app, Bev can now summon a self-driving taxi to her doorstep and travel freely in the community.

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Meet Jerry

Jerry has been a resident of the Villages for over 10 years and has always dreamed of the day he can give up his golf cart to get around the community he calls home. As a previous technology board member, Jerry championed Voyage's mission and helped us understand the the community on an intimate level: everything from maps & shortcuts to rogue geese.

With early adopters like Jerry, Voyage is proud to call the Villages, San Jose deployment 0001.

Bev Clifford
Bev Clifford

“Voyage will be an important part of transportation for the residents of The Villages. We are fortunate to be working with them.”

Debbie Champion - The Villages, San Jose -  chairwomen

Debbie Champion

Chairwoman, The Villages CA